lunes, 31 de agosto de 2009

Smash Mouth - All Star Smash Hits

01. All Star
02. Walkin' On The Sun
03. Flo
04. Beer Goggles
05. Why Can't We Be Friends
06. Diggin' Your Scene
07. Waste
08. Then The Morning Comes
09. Come On, Come On
10. Can't Get Enough Of You Baby
11. Every Word Means No
12. Better Do It Right
13. Do It Again
14. Holiday In My Head
15. Pacific Coast Party
16. I'm A Believer
17. Ain't No Mystery
18. Hang On
19. Always Gets Her Way
20. Getting Better

Un buen grandes exitos como siempre para q tenga buena musica en su biblioteca
Lazaro Lionheart

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